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Pencil Machines and Pencils for School Fundraising

We've been selling pencils in schools for almost 20 years, so we decided to make it easy for others to do the same.

Schools: You can make between $400 and $1000 per school year if you install and maintain your own pencil machine. Our exclusive “see through top” machine (no other company sells this) comes with a plexiglas view top and sells 15% to 25% more than standard “non see through” machines. With the ability to “see” the pencils that they may possibly receive, students are more excited and interested to put their quarter in the slot. Combine that with our unique custom mix of pencils designed for maximum profit and you'll be amazed at all the pencils you will sell. All you need to do is place the pencil machine in a high traffic area, and about once a week, remove the quarters and restock with more pencils. That's all there is to it! Call us at 800-473-2132 with any questions.

Yes, we take Purchase Orders! Call 800-473-2132 or select Purchase Order on checkout.

Featured products

Red Pencil Dispenser with View Top

This machine will increase your sales by 15% to 25% over our standard non-view machine. The ability to see the pencils they “may” receive increases student interest in using the machine.

Red Pencil Machine, no view

Easy to load pencils and remove quarters, with an enamel front. No electrical parts (operates manually). Built to withstand heavy use. 13 1/4" tall x 9 7/8" wide x 9 5/8" deep. Coin slide set to accept quarters, 288 pencil capacity (2 gross of pencils). This is a great, high quality machine that will provide you with many years of use (we still have machines in schools that are 20 years old), at the lowest price that you will find.

Red Pencil Dispenser with View Top + 1,440 Hot Selling Pencil Mix

Our best-selling unique view top pencil machine combined with 1,440 of our best-selling hot pencil mix.

Hot Selling Pencil Mix - 144 pencils

Combining a huge variety of regular fancy pencils with highly collectible premium pencils, we change the styles all the time, ensuring that there is always something different and exciting for your students.
From $18.99